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Events hold a special place in our lives, bringing people together to celebrate, learn, connect, and engage. From festive celebrations to educational conferences, events create memorable experiences that leave lasting impressions on attendees. In this article, we delve into the significance of events, their diverse types, and the transformative impact they have on participants and communities.

The Significance of Events:

Events are powerful conduits for communication, fostering interactions that transcend digital platforms. They provide tangible, real-world experiences that engage the senses, emotions, and intellect. Whether intimate gatherings or large-scale extravaganzas, events serve various purposes, from entertainment and education to networking and community building.

Diverse Types of Events:

1. **Celebratory Events:** Festivals, birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries are occasions that bring joy and unity, allowing individuals to share their happiness with loved ones and create cherished memories.

2. **Educational and Professional Events:** Conferences, seminars, workshops, and webinars provide opportunities for learning, skill development, and knowledge exchange. Experts and thought leaders share insights, sparking intellectual growth and innovation.

3. **Cultural and Artistic Events:** Art exhibitions, music concerts, theater performances, and cultural festivals celebrate creativity, diversity, and the expression of human experiences through various forms of art.

4. **Corporate and Networking Events:** Business conferences, trade shows, and networking meetups facilitate professional connections, partnerships, and collaboration among industry stakeholders.

5. **Community and Social Events:** Fundraisers, charity events, and community fairs contribute to social welfare and cohesion by mobilizing resources and engaging citizens for a common cause.

Impact of Events on Participants and Communities:

1. **Experiential Learning:** Events offer hands-on experiences that complement traditional learning methods. Participants engage with content on a personal level, enhancing their understanding and retention.

2. **Cultural Exchange:** Cultural and artistic events showcase the richness and diversity of different cultures, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation among attendees.

3. **Networking and Connections:** Events provide fertile grounds for networking and relationship building. Participants connect with peers, mentors, and potential collaborators, expanding their professional and social circles.

4. **Inspiration and Motivation:** Engaging with experts and witnessing creative performances can inspire attendees to pursue their passions, set higher goals, and overcome challenges.

5. **Sense of Belonging:** Events create a sense of belonging by bringing people together who share similar interests, values, or affiliations. This fosters a supportive community and a feeling of inclusivity.

6. **Economic Impact:** Large events can boost local economies by attracting visitors, generating revenue for businesses, and showcasing a region’s culture and attractions.

7. **Positive Publicity:** Events can raise awareness about important causes, promote cultural heritage, and spotlight the achievements of individuals or organizations, generating positive publicity.


Events are not merely gatherings; they are immersive experiences that leave indelible imprints on participants’ lives. Whether celebrating milestones, sharing knowledge, showcasing creativity, or forging connections, events contribute to personal growth, cultural enrichment, and community development. Their ability to unite diverse groups, stimulate thought, and create positive change highlights the invaluable role that events play in shaping our world.

Club’s Name



Vice President

Yoga Club

G.C.R.C. International School Ground &

LT Room , Nursing

Mr. Vivek Tripathi

Ms. Meenu, Nursing

Mr. B. P. Singh, HAS

Kamaljeet Singh, EE 9198899092 

Sufi Khatoon, Nursing, 8528092754

Yamini Gautam, Nursing, 8810709546


Boys Hostel Ground

Mr. Ishtiyaq Ahmed, 8050578875

Mr. Sufiyan, 9919342021

Mr. Vishal Jaiswal, 9450026553

Abhishek Jaiswal, BBA, 9517126826

Altamash Izhar, Pharmacy, 7800919161

Akash Patel, 8604495586

Rajat Rai, CS, 8318022614


Boys Hostel Ground

Mr. Shivam Gupta, Pharmacy

Avinash Chaurasiya, pharmacy


G.C.R.C. International School Ground

Mr. Shailendr Yadav

Jamshed, CS 2


Ground near school

Dr. Shivi Chaturvedi

Abhay, BBA 1

Shivam Ranjan


Ground near school

Ms. Shiny Jaiswal, BT, 7897438186

Mr. Rajesh Shukla, Management

Vikas Pal, BBA 1

Rishu Mishra, 9793032287

Ananya Raj, BBA 2, 9569727649

Tug of War

Pharmacy Ground

Mr. Rohit Singh, Diploma, 7007864217

Ms. Shiny Jaiswal, BT, 7897438186

Gyanendra, Dip CE 3, 9838651124

Shot Put

Pharmacy Ground

Mr. Shivam Gupta, Pharmacy, 7752894270

Sutesh Mishra, Pharmacy

Long Jump

Bus Stand Ground

Mr. Amit Dubey, Management

Yash Gupta, Pharmacy,

Manish Pandey, CS, 7275942217

Discus Throw

Bus Stand Ground

Mr. Prashant, B.Tech CE, 7906243211


C Block Entrance

Ms. Anjeeta Singh, BT, 7985969637

Ms. Hima Saxena, 9759804554

Inzemam, CS,

Jamshed, CS


C Block Entrance

Mr. Abhishek Sharma, CS

Vansh Trivedi, CE

Arm Wrestling

C Block Entrance


Alok, Pharmacy



Ms. Rupali Srivastava, Pharmacy, 8303610772

Ms. Anjeeta Singh, BT, 7985969637

Adarsh Singh, Pharmacy

Preetam, Pharmacy

Table Tennis

Boys Hostel

Mr. Virendra Kumar, Nursing

Vivek, BT 1


C Block Entrance

Ms. Meenu,  Nursing

Ms. Sudha, Pharmacy, 7975198976

Ms. Ekta, Pharmacy, 6306641270

Sakshi Yadav, BT 3

Natak / Drama

Pharmacy Ground

Ms. Manisha Singh, BT, 7607262598

Shubham Kumar, CE


C Block 7th  Floor

Mr. Gaurav Tripathi, GCRG School,  9125043063

Navneet, BT


C Block 7th  Floor

Mr. Yogesh Upadhyay, Pharmacy, 8005256978

 Dr. Suman Sharma

Kamaljeet Singh, EE 9198899092

Mahak, BBA 1, 6388346709

Fashion Show

C Block 7th  Floor

Mr. Sunil Swarnkar, ME, 8840238277

Mr. Vishal Srivastava, ME, 8707351716

Ms. Princee  Kesarwani, Pharmacy, 7850974009

Ms. Preeti  Rawat, Nursing

Ms. Anjeeta Singh, BT, 7985969637

Satyam, B.Ed.

Ananya Pandey, BT


G.C.R.G Group

Ms. Chamandeep Kaur, Education, 7887077633



C Block Entrance

Ms. Deepika Pandey, Management, 8787229504



C Block Entrance

Ms. Isha Mishra, Management , 7979826849

Siddhartha, Pharmacy


G.C.R.G. Campus

Mr. Abhishek Sharma, CS

Manas, CS 3

Adarsh Singh, Pharmacy, 8948596893


G.C.R.G. Campus

Mr. Ankit Singh, Education

E-Game (BGMI)

Seminar Hall, 4th Floor, B. Block

Mr. Prasar Kumar

Shubham Yadav, 8858169475, B.Pharma2

Adarsh Pandey, Pharmacy, 8948596893

Public Speaking & Debate

c Block

Shailendr Yadav


Mr. Gyanendra Singh


Siddhi Gupta

Storytelling Club
Fashion Show Club
Photography Club
Carrom Club
Kabaddi Club
Tug of War
Dance Club
Singing Club
Chess Club
Bad Minton Club
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Football Club
Drama Club
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Volleyball Club
Mehndi Club
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Cricket Club
Handicraft Club
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Vlogger Club
Table Tenis
Rangoli Club
Yoga Club
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